November 2014
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November Events

November is here, and the year is almost over! though that doesn’t mean that the events have stopped! main events going on right now are Fantasy Gatcha Carnival and the regular monthly we love RP.
The new Secret Affair starts today as well, and upcoming soon is the arcade!

Happy Halloween!

Where did the month go?? anyways still lots of halloween attractions around Sl to explore, though i well be honest some of them have been a bit of a let down, it’s always more fun to make things that your vistors well use or interact with. Good ideas for a haunted house, make it SCARY!! but not to overboard with blood, guts, etc to much of that stuff well actually make people sick IRL (happened to me last year where i threw up after visting an attraction) 2d textures and spooky noises are ok as well – but make a bit of effort at least – not putting any attractions down, there all well made – but some could have used a bit more tweaking, otherwise theres been some pretty good events going around this halloween.

Even the lab itself has its own haunted house, thats part of its new linden portals, check it out here.

like enter the nightmare, its EXTREMELY graphic! would not recommand doing it if you don’t have a strong stomach. though they do have an occulus rift preview as well – though i give props for the cool new features, that it shows off.

Halloween Hunts

Halloween is five days away! and theres alot of halloween hunts going on at the moment.. that trying to keep track of all, there is several Themed events going around at the moment as well, the Isle of Dee kicks off its Autumn Fair with a plant based hunt, that well certainly give the creeps, Shadow House is it’s last days as well! (plug plug)

Enter the Nightmare is a hunt/Hanted house combined from the creators of the Roleplaying Sim Skyrah – WARNING this is not for the faint of heart, this even scared the heck out of me when i did it. and my heart was racing irl afterwards. do not this if your easily scared, this is one of the more scary ones that you well find among the Halloween events going on.
Also at the moment is ‘don’t panic’ from Pulse games, in this years one you take on the part of a paranormal group invisagting a haunted house, story driven hunt with rats to find, that have the prizes inside.
Both of these hunts, are adult/mature rated – don’t panic has some blood and gory bits, but Enter the Nightmare is way more graphic, so depends on peoples personal tastes.

Fright Fest!

As halloween approches, several events are going on right now, which well certinally get you in the mood for it. first up is Fright Fest, this two sim area features displays of halloween items from well known stores, including kittycats and Meeroos with spooky suprises!, there is also trick or treating to be had – which can be found around the two sims Fright Fest can be access via here, also the well known pulse games well be releaseing their new halloween game opening soon, and TAG gatcha – The haunted studio. – well check these out soon!

Mystic Realms Fair

Last week was very stressful and hectic, but i can’t neglact my work for to long, as i went to check out the Mystic Realms Fair if your a follower of the Fantasy Fair or MFF – Mystic Realms is this newest bi-annual fantasy event, you can check out some of the item previews via The blogging Elf, as alot of exculsives that can only be found at fair, though be warned! would recommand detaching any scripted weapons, huds, adds on or body parts, there is a script detector at the entrance that well kick you out if your overscripted (as Arakaki found out!) so make sure you have no excess scripts attached before visting

October is here!

October is here!, and alot of events going on – Shadow house goes on for another month until Halloween, and also the Mystic Realms Fair which well be on apair with Fantasy Faire, so lets hope its going to be good, also several fall hunts as we lead up to halloween..

Shadow House Tips

Since People have been asking for help, heres some tips for playing ‘Shadow House 3′

- you MUST read the instructions, there are two notecards with the hud that well give you some background story and what to do. When you obtain the hud from the NPC – (add it don’t wear it) Click on the text in the middle ‘Click here to start your quests’ this well automatically teleport you to yami’s island (you won’t find the island on caves :D)
- be paitent and take your time, there are several quests to do – and it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.
- Pay attention to what the NPC’s say, these contain the answers to help solve the riddles to opening the chests.

This is just to help out a bit more, but have fun with it don’t get stressed out over it – if you have problems, don’t be afraid to ask for help :)
you can Im Ginniji, Silverflame, or Loki for help if you get stuck.

Vist Virtual Ryukyu In Second Life

Stephenson (Main Store)
Rockin (Creators of Fantasy)
Isabel (The Shelter)
Milarepa (Little Yoshiwara)
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Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3


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