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September 12th – 9 years ago

Nine years ago, i just had gotton a DSL connection, after having had dailup for so long and the first thing i wanted was to try out a ‘game’ called Second Life, only to find out out it wasn’t a game, i wouldn’t think that nine years later i would still be playing that ‘game’ that instead changed into a life changing thing :)
SL veterans are few and a far between nowadays, but i do see it as an achivement, that i got to see the evoulation of a world and that it’s still changing. I don’t regret joining sl, cause i would never have learnt some of the tricks of the trade i know now :)

Countdown is on

In less then 24 hours, Shadow House well open to the public,well you brave it’s curse – also watching the countdown clock on the Arcade when it’s opens this round on a brand new sim as well – The Twisted hunt -Time Warp, also starts soon… hmm alot of themed with clocks around at the moment!

Shadow House 3 Helper guide

Shadow house 3 opens at VR in a few days, it’s different from a normal hunt, as you have to look for items to claim your prizes – heres a break down for newbies!

first thing get the hud from the NPC at the front entrance, it is 10L
Right click on the hud in the folder and ADD it (not wear it) – it well appear on your screen in the lower left corner.
where it says ‘Click here to start your quests’ on the hud, click there and it well ask to teleport you ( say yes to the menu) taking you to Yami’s Island.
Talk to the NPC’s at the top of the stairs. and take the door to enter the house. from there is where your real adventure begins!

Using the hud, click on the Characters, and it well tell you who to go to, they go in an order (pay attention to what the NPC’s say and also the info given in the hub aka don’t skip over it

once you find the characters, talk to them, they well give you tasks to do, look around the house and it’s areas. once you find the items they are looking for – (you well be able to buy them for 0L. which puts a folder in your inventory) DO NOT res them out, as the item well vanish, you must res them out in front of the correct NPC who asked for the item, to get the prizes. – once the item is resed, the prize well appear which you can right click and buy also for 0L.

also scattered around the place are chests – these also contain prizes, but they well ask you a question (the answers are part of the hud, why you must pay attention to what the characters say, they well give you clues to the answers. which well open the chests .)

The Hunt is designed to be fun but challenging at the same time, there is also a special hunt item, hidden somewhere in the build, that can not be found via the hud – this is the main prize :)
good lucK!!

Return to opensim

Awhile back, we had started work on an opensim verison of VR, but because alot of things happened and as often as does, this project was placed on the back burner for a long time – Inuyasha who had been stuck offline due to no computer and also had a heart attack, which i only just found out about recently, but hes back and still alive and kicking! the opensim verison of VR might return in the near future, though it’s going to take awhile before then.

upcoming events

i watched ‘Bicentinal Man’ tonight, as i am still watching alot of Robin Williams movies, after this horrible loss this week, i dare anyone not to watch the end of that movie and not break down crying like i did realizing, he didn’t just die in the movie, he also died in real life :( still effecting me a lot.
Callobar88 and the fantasy Gatcha carnival are on at the moment, (though most of the time the sim is full so been having issues getting in) and Twisted Hunt-Time Warp Starts next month! and despite the title it’s not related to Rocky Horror, but more To choose from the varity of the different colors of the cubes from all the past hunts, so it well be an instresting one.
Shadow House hit a bit of snag, but still working on getting it completed in time.

RIP Robin Williams

It was a shock to me, when one of my childhood icons suddenly passed away, but even more when later hear it was sucide – i am very familar with depression and had Chronic Depression for several years, it never fully goes away but you learn how to cope with it. Robin Williams was a comic genius and been watching alot of movies lately just o to remember and enjoy laughing

The Touryuumon Saga: Shadow House 3

It’s coming up to that time of the year again.. when we start to work on our annual halloween event ‘Shadow House’, The first shadow house event took place in 2012, this well be our third year doing this event – though with alot of new riddles and quests to solve this time around. The Story goes that every year in the realm of Touryuumon, a mysterious house appears drawing all spirits and souls good or evil towards it. This year however something has gone wrong – good has become evil, and evil has become good, you have to help restore the balance!

Shadow house 3 starts on the 1st of September at Red Dragon and well run thru till the 31st of October.

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Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3

Shadow House 3




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